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Eight Ways to Maximize Employee Training

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Like most companies, you invest a great deal of time and money into training your employees. And like most companies, you want to make the most of your employees’ time in the classroom. Here are eight ways to maximize the return on your educational investment dollar:

  1. Provide preclass materials to get everyone up to speed before class starts.
  2. Start the training session with a clear agenda so employees know what to expect.
  3. Use a PowerPoint presentation that follows the agenda and leads the class in a logical and clear manner.
  4. If the training revolves around a new initiative, consider handing out T-shirts imprinted with the name of the initiative.
  5. Provide ample supplies, such as pens and notepads, preferably imprinted with your company logo or the name of the initiative.
  6. Distribute booklets that employees can use to follow along with the training and take notes.
  7. Hand out a survey at the end of the training program to discover ways to improve on future training programs.
  8. Develop an incentive program that encourages employees to adopt new behaviors based on the training presented.




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